Murphy’s law


Now, I know exactly how Malfoy felt when he found out that Harry and Ron used Polyjuice potion to disguise as his friends trying find out whether he was the heir of Slytherins.

It’s not a pleasant feelings and certainly making you feel extremely stupid and uneducated.


Basically, Barty Crouch Jr used Polyjuice to disguise as Professor Moody and successfully lured me in. I bounced back with a little bit lesser faith in humanity when I started.

Murphy’s law

If someone told me that: “OMFG, my account has been hacked because I clicked on a link!”, then I’ll replied “Man, you are such a rookie, how did you fall for the classic trap” and thinking to myself “Yeah, it will never happen to me bro”.

“Anything can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murphy’s law has stroked on me last night, again.

Before I agreed with you that’s I’m a fool, I was quite proud of my unquestioning skeptical mind and spams-filter alert when it comes to links and downloads. None of these cheap “click here!”, “like my games” or “join to get free coffee” promotion bullshits will get my attentions nor find their ways to my new feeds.

This is however, not an uninformed mistake, but a violation of trust.

“Triet, what’s are you doing”

“I’m playing games, what’s up?”

“Got a sec, can you go like my pic for me?”

“What’s that, did you take the picture?”

“Yeah, just my contest, here is the link”

“Dude, stop playing games, can you like my pic please”

“Dude, have you liked it yet?”


“Aiight aiight, one sec man”

For a brief moment, I was thinking “This is such a meaningless contest, obviously the one with the most friends will win the vote. Maybe I should just ignore him..”

As you already know the rest, I clicked the link which appeared to be a fine contest site with a naive prompt asking me to relogin to facebook to proceed. And so I did.  30 mins later, I was kicked out of my facebook account, got notified my password has changed, my emails have been removed blah blah blah…Then I spent the next 2h running anti-virus, various malware detectors and finally recovered it back (while spurring a lot of PG-13 rated words).

This is trust violation because I believed I was talking to my friend and therefore trusting the site by extension. Unless he was Cortana (which is not impossible), this is a real person who pretended to be my friend. Thankfully this guy didn’t know any better than asking my friends for quick cash and phone prepayment cards and didn’t do much damage (@hacker, I was disappointed in the poor way you used my account, I thought the ending would be more epic).

My 2cent

  • Link your account with your phone
  • Add trusted friends to your account
  • And most importantly, DO NOT enter your password to anywhere that are not on the main site.
  • If you like to share your game scores or fishing for like and vote, please stop. No one like that.

I think I might need to deploy Dumbledore’s way to identify friends from foes, I should have a secret pass phrase like “Trust Harry, he is our only hope” to prevent this in the future. Maybe, just maybe…

FYI, the Facebook account that hacked me is “John Truong”, if you ever encountered him, please make sure he is not Maddy.





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